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A variety of aerobic exercise classes are available throughout the day. Most classes include 5-10 minute arm-up, abdominal exercises, stretching and 5-10 minute cool down. Whether you are just beginning aerobic exercise classes or you have participated before, all levels of fitness are welcome to participate! Instructors will give modification options for all levels of fitness. Aerobic Class Descriptions

ABS & Abs 'n Back
Strengthen and tone abdominal and back muscles in this high intensity class that will help support your posture.

AOA Cardio & Strength
Low impact aerobics with strengthening exercises using hand weights, balls, bands and floor exercises. Also incorporates stretching exercises. Class is of higher intensity than SilverSneakers classes.

Arthritis Class (Pool)
Designed to work the joints. Approved by the NAF.

Beginner Step Class
Get a great workout while learning the basic bench stepping moves.

Belly Dancing
A form of dance native to the Middle East that consists of movements focusing on the torso area. A good cardiovascular workout that also increases strength in the core muscles, legs and increases flexibility.


Boot Camp
A mixed class of drills including push-ups, squats, running, suicides, all kinds of things designed to make you sweat! Aerobics

The ride you will be looking forward too all day. This class includes climbs, jumps, sprints and is a combination of high energy and fun!

Cycle Cardio-Combo
Combines cycling with running drills, stairs, body weight exercises, for all over conditioning.

Dance Step (Advanced Choreography)
Step up to the challenge with a variety of fun, advanced choreographed moves. Dancing and stepping-a great exercise option.



Fast Fitness
Conditioning class with a cardio warm-up, resistance training (Upper body on Monday/Lower body on Wednesday), core conditioning, & stretching designed to increase endurance and strengthen muscles-quickly!

Interval Cardio Blast
Cardio combo class with a rotation of floor aerobics and basic step. Class ends with abs & upper body conditioning.

Kick boxing
Intense total body workout using jabs, punches & kicks, while building core strength. (Monday morning modified class uses less kicks and is of a lower intensity.)

Line Dancing
Dance your way to health with new and old line dances designed to make fitness fun!

The focus of this class is on strengthening the abdominal and torso area by using the strength of the body.

Sculpt your body with Free Weights! Utilize the lightweight bar & free weight plates to exercise all major muscle groups.

Sculpt body into the look you want by isolating muscles using bands, weights, and other props. This class is a great compliment to your existing cardiovascular routine.

Senior Water Exercise Class (Pool)
This class is designed to work on exercises that will assist participants in activities of daily living. Strengthening, toning & cardio exercises.

Silver Sneakers
Incorporates cardiovascular exercises with or without a chair and different resistance training methods. For seniors or those with health issues.

Work your body in this challenging high-energy, high intensity bench stepping class, which includes body-toning exercises. This class will help your body achieve strong, lean muscles by isolating your muscles using weights, bands and other props.

Energize yourself and relieve stress practicing yoga postures that help develop strength, flexibility and mental focus. All levels are welcome.

Yoga/Stretch ClassFitness
This class uses chairs for many of the poses and is designed more for beginners, seniors and those who don’t or can’t get on the floor with a mat and bare feet. Increases flexibility, relieves stress and relaxes your whole body.

“Wee Walk”
Exercise class for you and your child while your child is in and out of the stroller.

Latin dance moves for a cardiovascular workout! Learn dance skills, rhythm, and body control. Upbeat music.



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