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Fitness Department Policies & Procedures 3-26-08

Age Limits & Usage
The YMCA does not wish to discourage any age group from being physically fit. However the physical and social maturity of an individual is an important factor in the workout areas. The following guidelines are implemented for the safety and consideration of all Y members:

• No children should be “waiting for adults” in the workout areas. The workout areas are not for babysitting or “hanging out” with
friends. This is a safety issue, no exceptions!
• ”Age limit for all fitness areas is 16 or older.  An exception is for youth with Young Guns certification. Certification badge must be worn at all times.”
• Age limit for aerobics studio is 12 or older and at the discretion of the instructor.
• Age limit for Indoor Track is 12 or older. Usage must be for exercise activity, not for “hanging out.” Youth 12-15 may use the
cardiovascular track equipment under strict supervision of parent or Legal guardian. Youth MUST be within arms length of his/her
parent at all times! Exception is youth with Young Guns certification. Certification badge must be worn at all times.
• Strollers are not permitted on the track!
• The red phones in the fitness & gym areas are for emergency use ONLY!
• No food or drink (other than water) is allowed in any fitness area or gym.
• No hard soled shoes are allowed on group exercise room or gym floors.

Gym Rules
• The gym if available for all YMCA members to use. Anyone who discourages other YMCA members from using the gym at anytime
it is open will lose their gym privileges.
• Everyone must display good sportsmanship.
• No dunking or hanging on the goals will be allowed.
• No full court games while others are waiting.

• The cardio machines may be reserved for 30minute time slots beginning on the half hour.
• You MAY NOT sign-up for consecutive time slots on the same piece of equipment.
• Reservation is limited to one hour in advance.
• You may start before your designated time when no one is waiting or someone finishes before his/her designated time. You may stay
on for more that 30minutes if no one has signed-up for the next half hour.
• Please use sign-in sheets on the equipment and do not abuse printed guidelines regarding reservations.
• Please contact a fitness team member if someone is on a piece of equipment during your time slot.
• If you decide not to use your time slot, please cross your name off. Your time sot will be forfeited if you do not show up within ten
minutes of your designated time.
• Equipment abuse will not be tolerated. Avoid hanging, throwing, or dropping weights! No dirty clothing of sharp jewelry should be
placed against equipment pads. Please return all equipment to proper storage place when finished.
• Please make a conscious effort to remove mud and debris from your footwear prior to entering the facility.

• The YMCA promotes a family environment. Please refrain from using profanity, foul or abusive language. Please respect authority
of all security, gym supervisors and fitness team members.

Appropriate Dress
• Workout shoes and proper workout attire, including upper body clothing are required at all times. No flip flops or opened toed shoes
are allowed!

• White towels, which are available at the front desk, are provided to remove perspiration from the body. Please drop off soiled towels
in bins provided at our front desk.
• Paper towels and antibacterial spray are provided in each room to clean equipment. Please discard soiled paper towels in trash cans

Workout Orientation
• lf you are a new member and are new to exercise; a personalized workout should be scheduled and supervised by a YMCA fitness
instructor. No “self-guided” or “friend supervised” orientations please. Please call for an appointment.
• Members who follow guidelines on Nautilus workout card have priority when using machines. Random use of machines, multiple
sets, additional repetitions, etc. should not interfere with guidelines.



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