Employee Advocacy – The Next Generation Word of Mouth Marketing

Regardless of age, gender or job title everyone is entitled to voice their opinion on social media about a brand or organization for the public to see. Due to the internet, everyone can be considered a publisher. This concept of everyone being a publisher is being reinvented into employee advocacy, where an employee is given power to positively promote and expand their brand or organization they work in. Right now employee advocacy is an untapped resource and its potential for business growth and promotion is yet to be fully discovered.  For a company or brand to become stable and popular it can take many weeks, months or even years. For this very reason, employee advocacy via social media is a very powerful employee advocacy tool.

Every post on a social media account reaches up to thousands of new connections in the form of followers and fans. The amount of attention and popularity that spreads through social media cannot be matched by any marketing team. The amount of new audience that can be reached using social media and how quickly they can be reached is unmatchable. A single post can reach hundreds of new potential customers within seconds. Also, employees become more loyal and feel more appreciated and proud of their brand or organization.

Word of mouth (WOM) marketing can be defined as using happy customers talk and promote your business to you. At heart, the focus on word of mouth marketing is to provide customers with excellent and an unforgettable service that they have to mention or talk about it with their friends and family. So basically word of mouth marketing is your clients and your customers doing your marketing for you. All you have to do is show them a good time and make sure their needs are met. In today’s digital age word of mouth can be compared to employee advocacy. Certain employee advocacy tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc., are an advanced form of word of mouth marketing. How many likes a post receives can be linked to how many customers liked the brand, and sharing of pages shows that people like a service so much that they share it with their friends and family,  by doing so they are promoting the brand or organization. Employee advocacy can be seen as an advanced and much quicker form of word of mouth marketing.