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Rental Rules

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1. No meeting will be closed. At all times a YMCA representative will have access to meetings held in it’s facilities.

2. Any group using the facility shall be responsible for damages to property and furnishings or any losses of the same due to carelessness or any other reason other than normal wear and tear.

3. The YMCA will not be responsible for damages or losses to any person or property during their attendance at meetings held by outside groups. The YMCA is not liable for any injuries incurred while on the premises or using YMCA facilities. Renting groups need to obtain adequate insurance for their activity.

4. In keeping with the policies of the YMCA, no alcoholic beverages, tobacco or illegal drugs may be brought on the grounds of the YMCA or inside the building. Iredell County YMCA facilities and grounds are tobacco free. Those in violation of this rule will be asked to leave the property.

5. Use of profane language is not tolerated.

6. Athletic shoes or non-marking, rubber soled shoes and proper athletic equipment is to be worn in the gym, aerobics studio and Yoga room. Other gym regulations are posted in the gym and will be enforced.

7. The YMCA will provide basic equipment such as basketballs and volleyballs on a check out basis. Please list all equipment needs on the Rental Agreement form. There may be an additional charge for other equipment.

8. Proper swimming attire must be worn in the swimming pool, and those who swim must bring their own towels. All pool regulations are listed at the pool and will be enforced.

All swimmers must take a soap shower prior to entering the pool.

10. No gum, band-aids, or jewelry is allowed in the pool.

11. Diving is only allowed in the deep end. Flips off the sides of the pool are not permitted.

12. Absolutely no running or horse play in or around the pool area.

13. The group agrees at the end of its usage period that it will leave the facility in a clean, orderly fashion. If food is served, the group shall provide trash bags to line the trash containers. Once a trash bag is filled it is to be tied closed and disposed of properly. Cost incurred by the cleaning, damages, theft or breakage will be billed to the group for excess damages.

14. Rental groups will be given a copy of the rules for the area being rented. If the group fails to comply with the rules the Building Supervisor has the authority to clear the group from the building or premises without a refund.

15. The YMCA prohibits the carrying of concealed or unconcealed weapons on the premises (including, but not limited to the parking lots and outside fields) with the exception of police and authorized security personnel. Violators of this policy will result in disciplinary action or prosecution. No refund will be given if the rental group is removed for violating this policy.

16. There is a $30.00 cleaning fee deposit added on to each rental (with the exception of Birthday Party rentals). As long as the area has been cleaned and restored back to its original condition at the agreed time of the end of the rental the $30.00 will be refunded. YMCA staff will decide if the rented facility or facilities are in
acceptable condition.

17. All rentals on any night cannot go past 11:00 PM unless the rental is a lock-in. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Department Head or Facility Director.

18. While a rental is in progress all participants must stay within the rented area of the YMCA. There will be no loitering in the parking lot or on the premises. Those not following this rule may be considered a trespasser and will be removed immediately from the YMCA premises.

19. All rentals must have one adult supervisor for every ten people.

20. The YMCA cannot be rented to facilitate any fundraiser for another group. Anyone renting the YMCA may not charge participants for any reason.

21. If, at any time during the rental, the YMCA staff person on duty determines that the rules of the contract are not being followed the rental may be immediately terminated, and the renting group will have to leave the YMCA property. If the rental is terminated for this reason, no refund will be issued.

Rental Contacts:
For more information on renting the entire Statesville YMCA facility
contact Tony Waugh, Property Manager
[email protected]
(704)-873-9622 extension 214

For more information on pool rentals
contact Dorie Shore, Interim Aquatic Director
[email protected]
(704)-873-9622 extension 215

For more information on renting the entire Barium Springs YMCA facility
contact Angela Lanier, Branch Executive Director
[email protected]
(704)-883-0780 extension 205
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